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Terramore is a cooperative of producers specializing in the cultivation of fruit and vegetables, and in particular in the production of salad heads and cutting (or baby-leaf), which cover 80% of turnover.

Terramore works with both fourth range companies and companies operating on the national and international fresh market. TerrAmore Cooperative produces mainly arugula, endives and lettuce that distributes in Italy and Northern Europe, demanding and expanding markets. 49% of production goes abroad (France, Germany, Switzerland, England and Denmark).

Processing and cultivation of the soil are carried out in accordance with integrated agriculture and are based on traditional agrotechnical foundations. Furthermore, certified organic farming is also practised.


We are farmer. For this reason, we try as much as possible to preserve the healthiness and fertility of the soils, to prevent the waste of resources, to limit the production of waste.


Our main objective is to offer added value to the productions of the members both through the commercialization of the finished products that through the reduction of production costs with the achievement of economies of scale on purchases of raw materials for production.


Terramore was born in 2008 from the collaboration of about 20 companies.


Thanks to a high level of growth and the quality of our products, Terramore has obtained different important certifications.

Global GAP

The protocol global gap defines the good agricultural practice (G.A.P. good agricultural practice) relating to the essential elements for the development of best practice applicable to farms, crops and agricultural products, livestock. The protocol was created by Eurep (Euro-retailer Produce Working Group), which unites some of the most important European trade chains in order to meet the growing needs of food safety and respect for the environment.


Terramore currently has 60 hectares in organic agricolture already certified and 40 in conversion. The bios certification attests that the cooperative respects the principles, methods and techniques of organic farming established by the reference standards, from production to preparation, distribution and selling. The main aims are: transform holdings as much as possible into a self-sufficient agricultural system through local resources, safeguard the natural fertility of the soil; avoid any form of pollution caused by agricultural techniques and produce of high quality of product.

Leaf Marque

Leaf (Linking Environment And Farming) is created on 1991 to addressed to the primary sector, outlines, that is a method to do agriculture in the respect of the environment.
It was created to develop and promote the Integrated Farm Management (IFM) for farms.


The QS system (acronym of quality and security) is a system of assurance aimed at offering quality guarantees and food safety from the field (agricultural or breeding) to the shop counter.
The QS system was born in 2001 and is requested by german distribution chains to guarantee the quality of product.

Sedex member B

Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, è un’organizzazione no-profit con sede a Londra rivolta alle aziende di tutto il mondo impegnate nel continuo miglioramento delle azioni etiche delle loro catene di approvvigionamento. Come tutti i membri Sedex, Terramore si impegna a condividere informazioni aziendali e ad aggiornarle periodicamente, mettendole a disposizione di altre società membro dell’organizzazione, permettendo loro di verificarne la compatibilità con i propri standard etici.


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