Terramore is based in Eboli, near Salerno (Italy). The headquarters is developed on 2.500 metres and it is the heart of cooperative.

Colture protette in serre

150 ha


50 ha

in conversione

20 ha

Colture protette in pieno campo

185 ha


85 ha

in conversione

10 ha


At the headquarters arrive the products from our 43 company associated and we make every step of the production cycle, from the collection and washing of raw materials to the passage through the optical sorter and then the bagging machine for packaging.

Il magazzino

La merce superato il controllo qualità può ricevere diverse trasformazioni sulle richieste dei nostri clienti. Dal passaggio attraverso la selezionatrice ottica, l’abbattimento rapido della temperatura tramite vacuum fino all’imbustamento del prodotto.

Disposal and Recovery

The packaged products are kept inside the factory’s seven cold stores and the loaded onto the delivery trucks. The processing waste ends up in the composting plant, reducing disposal costs. Some of them are recovered for re-entry into cultivation, restrotying fertility to the soil in a natural way.


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